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Former Steelers DL Gabe Rivera dies at 57
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Back in the early 80's Gabe Rivera was nicknamed Senor Sack at Texas Tech.  But when drafted in the nfl in 1983, he was known for 2 things.  Being the player the steelers passed hometown Pitt QB Dan Marino for.  And driving drunk not wearing a seat belt cost him his career & his walking being in a wheelchair since.  The steelers are not known for doing bad drafting, had Rivera wore a seat belt & not drove drunk, would he have a good career?  Don't know.  But that was the steelers worst draft choice to my knowledge.  Its mainly the cleveland clowns who be making horrid draft choices.  Passing on Jack Lambert, Donovan McNabb, Brian Urlacher, LDT, Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers.  Probably others.  They chose Rivera to have a new steel curtain which is understandable, but Terry Bradshaw was old.  His career ended early in 1983 & ironically in 1984 AFCCG, Dan Marino got back at the steelers by knocking them out of the SB  ;D That's the closest Chuck Knoll has gotten to another SB in his career.  And the steelers had to go with the likes of Scrubby Brister, Mark Malone & Neil O'Donnell. 

RIP Gabe Rivera-he won't have to suffer in a wheelchair anymore.
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