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College football, anyone?
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Just curious what everyone who follows it thought about this past weekend's games.

Bama was Bama, Saban did what we thought he would do and played both QBs (so neither can transfer without sitting out a year) but ended up naming Tua as the starter going forward, even though I'm sure he probably knew he would do that long before he announced it.

Oregon probably is getting off the hot seat after LSU spanked Miami.

Florida State looked bad tonight against VT.  I'm sure VT is better than I gave them credit for, but that was just terrible play calling, and you could tell exactly what was going to happen before the ball was snapped by FSU.  A lot of people are already calling for Taggart to be fired.

Surprised that Arizona lost to BYU.  Most of the game wasn't as close as the final score would indicate, but I thought they'd have been a crazy force this year since people were talking about how good Tate is, plus Sumlin is there.

Nothing wrong with Michigan having lost to ND, but it's just another hiccup in Harbaugh's tenure.  One of many, and it's not looking good.

Shocked that UCLA lost to Cincinnati.  But there's going to be growing pains when you have a new coaching staff, a grad transfer QB who gets hurt and then replaced by a true freshman who has really only started as a QB for one year.  This coming Saturday at Oklahoma is going to be rough for them.  Hopefully Chip calls plays better suited for his offensive personnel, he had DTR throwing way too often instead of more zone reads or something from his Oregon playbook.


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i donít really follow college football, is usc doin good again? ucla still weak? iíve always been a ucla fan wit college sports in general, but we always sucked in football.


Re: College football, anyone?
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I was so very optimistic for Michigan this year.  Even felt that it was their time to finally beat THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  I guess the karma game for the buckeyes domestic violence incident was against Purdue.  But Michigan should finally beat them soon in the future now that Urban Meyer is retiring  ;D


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