Author Topic: Deadbeat father from a deadbeat father  (Read 353 times)

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Deadbeat father from a deadbeat father
« on: November 02, 2018, 08:08:40 AM »
Used to get called a dead beat father
from my enemies at a rap forum
used to get called that shit so much
that it actually became kind of boring
truth was I wasn't really just that
but still truth is I kind of feel
that it wasn't too far from the fact
let me begin the tales of the dead beat Dad

In fact, my dad was, and is a man
I only have met just one time don't give a damn
and I find, him rich, and living life of fuckin luxury
that life of luxury kind of grind
and he is, a family, man keepin up with Jones's
and I am, a man, who's all lonely by my lonesome
and my son, maybe, see's me, visits me spring and fall then
then a month, in the summer, otherwise seldom seen at all man
If that makes, me a, deadbeat dad then I take the name and wear it
I'll embrace, the name, instead of being afraid to even hear it
Cause destiny, has a way, of boomeranging the fuck back, in fact,
I see, that I am a deadbeat just like my Dad,
and perhaps, that name, not liked then just say fuck it,
but if my dad, never, gave me a buck no luck kid
and if his daughter, my sister, of me doesn't give a fuck
then tell me, just what, the fuck else I would in fact call it,
I could, try to, be nice and go beyond the logic
still I am, grateful, that in both these situations
there is still an open door,
moving, still forward, maybe not as grim as in I speak,
but since, that's the game, and culture taught to me,
I speak hip-hop, encoded in the codes of the streets
so feel me, or front on, a mutherfucker if you like,
but still I'm, in truth, a loser on a bike,
with like, just a, few dollaz to his name
and yet, I am, pressured, to produce a family
to carry my name,
but my name, is not, the name of my real father,
So how the fuck, did that happen,
want the truth don't even bother...
Did it, happen, because I was adopted?
no actually, it did not, so should I just go change the topic,
Now you, think that, I took my mom's name
no that isnt true,
so now you guessed, just that, my step dad was the dude
no actually, there was never, A man known as my dad in step
So then this mystery, really makes no fucking sense,
Then again, how did, my name become so father-less,
well bitch, because he, was a Donor who was anonymous,
So I guess, it doesn't count, no not in the least
because they say, it's fertility treatment, so for the truth there is no need,
So I don't know, for all the years what is the truth
and I think, I'm from, a dad who is you...
so I don't know, from where, and whence I came
So forgive me, if I, become fucked up in this family game
I guess, I could, just act like none of this shit ever happened
but the, real shit, is what we express just when we rappin
so thank you, for the time, you came to listen
wanna, see a, deadbeat--then I who is him!!
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