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Arrest The President - Plagiarising Ice Cube
« on: November 27, 2018, 04:14:05 PM »
Arrest the President
He representin death
Death of everybody who donít have a hope in hell
He be hell bent
We got the evidence
We been neglectin it
The president be reppin it for fuckin white suprem-a-cists
We need to check em
Them and the president
Make the truth as relevant as the lies told by the president
Try to rise above and prevent
The presidents pathetic disrespect
Provide a sense of real respect for those described as dissidents
Simply tryin to survive despite the rise of white supremacy designed to deny the innocent
Arrest the President
Preside over thyself with an intent
Envision love
Above and beyond the extent of the hate perpetrated by the President
Arrest the President
Heís the enemy of all who recollect
The same damn designs of times gone by repeated today by the President
Arrest the President
Heís arresting development
Attest to being heaven and sent
Strive for those struggling who deserve the same respects as vets
Struggling to put food on the table, pay bills and pay the rent
Arrest the President before itís you being apprehended in arrest

This poem doesn't follow the same rythym as a song but Cubes rhyme inspired me to write this.
Feel free to call me lame.
Just felt moved to write this.