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The Way Of Man
« on: November 27, 2018, 06:41:53 PM »
Itís a mystery all this misery
But apparently itís smart
To manipulate
Dictate hate
Keep us in the dark
All will be revealed
Thereíll be nowhere to hide
And apparently Iím happily a source of some mans pride

Many men have wished a living hell upon my soul
Iíve traversed the coast in search of a place to call my home
Iím unwanted, unloved, cast astray
Bought back only to abuse
Alas this is my lot in life
Iíve no choice to refuse
Bemused as some may be
Itís not exactly rare
To live by anothers whimsy
Simple prey
Without a care or prayer

Their glories simply bore me though they shine like a mirage
Iíve no desire to behold them wether intricate nor large
Useless trinkets designed to entertain the vain
The petty
And yet Godís erb and waters keep me high pon a cloud

Nobody cares for honesty unless they seek to gain
Ive cried rivers over sinners
Written sonnets
Sang their praise

Iíve tried to make the most of fragile freedoms yet Iíve failed
And so I find myself alone
I have prevailed
36 blessed years upon this blessed Earth
Yet without the glee
Iíve found a reason for the hurt
It is but the way of men
Such is life
It does suffice
Even if some men are treated as no more than mice

Iíve tried suicide
Simply survived
Bided time
Bid all farewell
Kept aloft through welfare
Welcomed all to kiss and tell
Been set high pon the rafters
Fallen from grace
It seems my only purpose is to hurt and suffer ills

Itís hardly a first
In history many have suffered for no cause
Unless you consider empires forged through misery worthy of award
They do applaud
The callous
The determined
The devout
Who with precision so priceless and purely evil have surmounted all their clout

So dastardly
Such devilment
They seek for us to succumb
To their evil
All Godís people
Yet they desire such disgustingness for some
I canít stop it
Iíve shouted from the rooftops
All in vain
It is the way of men
None of whom have shame

Just mourning every night in hopes of a new day
Longing to see an end to sufference
Seems Iím vain
Despite having cared for many more than me
It seems Iím just ungrateful for all I have received

Tirelessly recounting tales of woe
Nobody cares
Iíll never be ready to meet my fate which I fear is endless scares
Endless misery
Knowing nobody cares