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Dear Rat Features
« on: November 27, 2018, 06:47:31 PM »
Im the girl you call a bitch cos you turned me out tryin to get rich, switched and permitted the hits and the tricks cos you got no fuckin principles ya money grubbin snitch. Thatís right. You the snitch. You boast bout tossin up a bitch but cry victim when I start statin facts like how you nothin but a slimey prick.
You got nothin I want so thereís no need to front. You pick on the defenseless and think ya staunch but you the punk. You couldnít think of a better way to get paid other than playin me like a slave. Thatís what the trade taught me. Everyday I pray you fade away.
Im that bitch you took advantage of. Youíre merely a person deluded thinkin you a God. God be above. But you wanna be down. So you stoop to my level to collect a crown. Yeah you down. Downright dirty. You shit so old it actually stopped hurtin. Im numb to you scum. Dime a dozen and some. You aint a pimp. You a rapist trick. Iíd dig ya a shallow grave but youíd look better in a deep ditch.
Fuckin with defenseless folks. Donít test yaself ya fuckin joke. You the okey dokey opaque oaf. We see right through your mirrors and smoke. You just a hazy reflection of an actual human bein. Spent so long actin like a devil you could be him. The fallen angel. You fell for yaself. Got me waiting on heaven and sendin your skank ass to hell.
You see people as potential profitable pursuits. Cos you got no fuckin principles. Youíre a scum cunt through and through. So save the explanations for when ya meet ya maker. See if God forgive your ass for turnin my ass out for paper. Chase ya tail in the afterlife for fuckin with my here and now. I donít even try and dodge you cunts. Youíre everywhere, no matter the town. You robbed me of my joy. You steal peoples innocence. You claim you got game. Im not playin. Im payin your fuckin rent.
Im hopin to high heaven with God as my witness Iíll survive. And for all that has befallen me I know my soul gon rise. I donít have to adopt the ways of those who prey on people sleepin. I donít have to pimp nobody out to make sure that I can eat and I donít have to envy scum of the earth. Im entitled to my beliefs. You wanna be a shepard but you canít even lead the sheep cos they peoples and youíre evil you tryin to climb the oppressive food chain by fuckin with a nobody like me. Keep scrapin the bottom of the barrel. You too lame. Cant even claim that youíve overcame cos you succumbed to the level of scum. Shove ya wanna be shit where the sun donít shine and turn out another bum. Im done bein humble. Im done bein meek. You aint nothin without a victim and I was fed to ya you freak. You cheap. You a wanna be fuckin chief. But even you take orders from the man. You aint runnin shit when you step on the street. You too weak to be straight out. So Iíll do the cunt for ya. Whorin yaself out didnít work so you thought youíd Iíd work it for ya.
You a chump change chasin, coat tail trailin wanna be fuckin pig. Cant wait till your ass dead and gone. But I will wait for a Big. A big fuck you to you and your bitch ass crew. Your sun and moon. Your one and only. Im waitin on judgement day where Iíll be rewarded for being brave  and youíll end up Satans slave.