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Ebony The Enemy

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« on: November 27, 2018, 06:49:27 PM »
I waste so much time fixating on negativity
I need to shift my attention and pursue positive energies
I feel overwhelmed with the fact that I canít control
Those who abuse me
Hurting me from my heart to my soul
Iím shattered
Erratic and shit
Donít know which way to turn
I just keep reading the same lame script
They call it a victims mentality
Meanwhiles itís a muthafuckin reality
Been dealt a fallacy to compensate for lack of ethics and concern
Gets to feelin so frustrated I start hoping these cunts burn
Iím uneducated but I still managed to learn
Iím reluctant to invest coz my constitution just ainít firm
Tired of the lies
The devilment disguised
As good intention
Just a deflection from the fact that they despise
I see it in their eyes
Their mannerisms and overt pride
I dare to defy the devil so the devil has designs
Iím still doin it
Fixatin on hate of foes
Easy come
Easy go
Easy street is all they know
They donít wanna cure us or theyíd be out of a job
They lord it over the vulnerable as if we no more than dogs
I know if it werenít for folk like me
These parasites would have no means of revenue
Thatís how it be
They keep us sick and addicted
I just wanna fade away
Stead of being despicably depicted
Still Iím stuck on negatives
You sugar coat shit
Iím tellin ya itís still not fuckin edible
But what would I know
Iím just a bitch
Mummy said ďEat some cementĒ
Now Iím shittin bricks
And nobody gives a flying fuck
Iím done
I fuckin quit