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My Life
« on: November 27, 2018, 06:50:37 PM »
My life is just a maze of corruption and abuse
Those you assume would give a fuck are quick to contribute
To the deceptions, mal reflections, objections and refusal of the fact
That Iíve simply been subjected to a sufferance so inexact
Inexact in the sense that they seem to deceive with mal intent
Realistically it serves no purpose as Iím unable to prevent
Their impositions
Sick afflictions
I describe it all quite well
And yet they bask in their gory stories
So I call them devils
My life is hell
Sure it could get worse
Infact Iím sure it will
Their foulness is not for naught
Itís a deliberate defilement
For them a thrill
Apparently abuse amuses those of mal persuasion
Treating my victimhood as if a flippant kind of vocation
People point the finger
Blame me for others actions
Assume I must deserve the constant subjugation to degradation
At times I feel anxiety
A heightened sense of fright
Other times Iím unimpressed
As if abusing me takes any might
Trite and superficial is how Iíve come to perceive my life
Maybe Iím of monetary value
But thatís hardly the height of heights
I figure theyíre chasing chump change
And chump change changes chumps
Prey tell how youíve convince yourself that itís justified you fucking punks
Some devils are clearly proud of the fact they are mere scum
Others try to camouflage their filth
Own it cunt
Or run
For I swear on every victims soul that there will eventually come a time
When you societal diseases will be held accountable for your crimes
Sometimes I lose faith
As what God would permit
Such evil towards people who get treated worse than shit
Yet I do remember vividly one time having died
An experience of the afterlife
And so my soul does shine
There is more than meets the eye
More than can be defined
Something greater than your misuse of science
A true sense of devine
And with that knowlege
Keeping still
So alarmed
I know well within my heart that there is justice for those harmed
We will prosper
We will glow in the glory of Gods grace
Despite these devils and their constant evil and insufferable disgrace