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Ebony The Enemy

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Here, there, anywhere
All I know is Im not safe
Donít know why I bother to try
Seems as if thereís no escape
Theyíre everywhere
Nowhere to hide
No one to trust
Im stuck
And the simple fact of the matter is that no one gives a fuck
I could cry rivers over sinners
I could drown in sorrow and regret
I could rue the day I was conceived and every day Iíve lived since then
I could continue trying to save myself
Fail miserably each time
Its just a simple fact of matter
Thereís no safe place for me to find
No such thing as sanctuary
No such thing as sacred
Only lies
No such thing as justice in a world of sin
So I despise
Each and every devil who set me up for the fall
All that wasted effort
Seems all Iíve done is stall
Seems its inevitable that these devils are thriving on my pain
Seems reality is tellin me thereís no point tryin to explain
Seems no one cares
I cant prepare, prevent, protect or pray
What God would allow so many to be abused each day
So I resign from trying
Iíll reside despite the risk
For there is nowhere I could find myself where this sick shit donít exist
Fuck oath Im scared
Danger at every turn
Theyíve infected every faculty and facility
Thereís nothing left to learn
Corruption rules
Nobody cares
Be the victim or victimize
Bad or Evil
There are no people who can defeat the devils I despise
Nothing left to trust in other than that I cant trust
Nothing left to hope for
Ive hit rock bottom
Ive gone bust
And yes
It surely can get harder
They intend to make it worse
Cos thereís profit within misery
Worth more the more it hurts
So I give up
Im sick of struggling
Im layin down
I quit
I give in
I simply could not be bothered trying to prevent the sin
Me against a world of fouls who thrive on degradation
Iíll concede defeat for all they seek is an evil reputation