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Basically I'm Basic
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:07:42 PM »
Too right Ive been an ignorant bitch
I wasnít made aware
Not sure if they deprived me or they lacked the knowledge one might share
Fuck oath Iíve punched above my weight
Damn skippy Iíll back down
Im not fucking invincible
Im not the toughest cunt in town
Too true I fucked the fuck right up
No doubt no one cares
Not exactly fucking genius of ya to point out the obvious
Im scared
Quite likely Iíll just shit myself
Stutter with shock and fear
Im outgunned and outnumbered
Just playin it by ear
I donít wanna act all staunch and shit
Iíd rather just bow down
Told my mum Iíve given up
She said ďYouíll fightĒ
Just Like a clown.
Its clear as day
They thrive on pain
I may be insane and vulnerable
Nobody gives a flying shit if Im found culpable
First things first
They planned the worst
Iím just a pawn
It aint a game
Although Queens can be captured cos theyíre actually quite vain
Expletives explain
From the Alpha to Omega
Iím just nobody with a name
Sure you can change it
Rearrange it
Refrain from politeness and peruse
Kick things off with a puzzle and punish those who choose
Refuse to partake
Its too late
Back to the start once more
For sure
No doubt about it
Devout or not
There is no law
For starters
Everythingís corrupt
We thinly veil contempt
For those blissfully ignorant and ill prepared
Devils think they heaven sent
Lordin it over the common folk
Now the tables turned
Thereís more evil than innocence
Dont tell me you aint heard
Everyone knows
Abuse is all the go
Its a way of life
A cause
So beat it with the bigotry and just keep chasin the applause
You know the way they egg you on
Encourage degradation
Rewarding your disgustingness while you bask in the reputation
ďChip off the ole blockĒ he said
Micro chipped maybe
If ya canít corrupt the slut then it aint worth a cent you see
They misconstrue
Create a ruse
Complicate simplicity
Kinda like the fabricated fable of the trinity
Number one is Iím a victim
There is no number two
But just saying such things leave me to contemplate a future of abuse
Im certainly not a fresh fish
But you want a virgin outta me
So you can desecrate my temple with your sick dick devilry
No need for fancy frills and shit
Im just being bluntly true
You could dress shit up if you must and call the dumb fuck food
I just figure if its foul then its a potential for a start
Cos who on earth would view torture as a form of fucking art?