Author Topic: What More Can You Expect From A Whore?  (Read 384 times)

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What More Can You Expect From A Whore?
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:09:20 PM »
Sometimes I think these cunts are so lame
The things that amuse them trying to make feel shame
Pathetic attempts to degrade and defame
So superficial
Theyíre a joke
So petty and vain
Sure I react being Iím human
But to be honest
On occassion my rage is amusin
Runnin off at the mouth
Runnin em down
Iím laughin my ass off
And they call ME the clown
As if youíd seek a sense of self worth
By depriving another or providing them hurt
Sounds gutless to me
Sounds like blasphemy
But they revel in terrible sin and devilry
I canít control them
Nor do I desire
To dictate anothers life
I just hope they expire
So they canít hurt anyone else or me
When Iím feeling self righteous I wish them eternity
They donít believe in God
Theyíre evolutionists
So theyíre no more than animals
Thatís there so called proof for us
I resort to calling them dogs and fleas
A societal disease
All in all
Like I said
Itís just lame
The pathetic attempts to make me feel shame
Itís all been done before
They call it a game
Iíve no desire to compete
Iím satisfied just the same
Maybe things will escalate
I really donít care
I sang that on stage
Yes cunt
I do dare
Your contracts are contradictions
Your ambitions are vile
I wouldnít touch you with a pole that could reach a whole mile
You disgust me
All of you
Such trifling scum
Iím the one laughing at when youíre the one poking fun
Youíre pathetic hun
No doubt
Youíre just low
I canít really expect anymore from a hoe