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Ebony The Enemy

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Superior Superficiality
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:20:44 PM »
Why I gotta be superficial
Like that gon make me super official
Officially offended at the superficiality
Iím ugly cunt
Thatís a reality
So why you be harrassin me
Iím trash
You scratchin for cash tryin to trap me in your superficial fallacy
You lie to yourself coz the truth bein dealt would put your ass to shame
So you act like servin pain is the official standard to stand for gain
Treatin my life like a damned game
The end will be the beginning
Back to the start again
If I had the capability Iíd escape from this hateful reality
Iíd save other too
Iím tellin thee
Iím not down with your superficiality
Itís bane to me
For shame
I be feelin stained and marred and broken
And still you seek exploits in me cos youíve yet to be awoken
All I know
This sadists show
Is old as the fuckin hills
Evolve ya cunt
Be straight up
Stead of chasin lowlife thrills