Author Topic: Fuck All Y'all #2 - Revamped But Still Plagiarism (RIP Tupac)  (Read 516 times)

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Fuck All Y'all #2 - Revamped But Still Plagiarism (RIP Tupac)
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:23:03 PM »
Money gone
Fuck yíall
I need a brother that love me when all these undercover muthaz be on me
I got problems
Aint nobody callin back
My ex told me its all about dogs and cats
You all about ya dollars
Make me wanna rob ya
Drop an album
Sell a million
Give a fuck about ya brothers
I know

Could throw ya middle finger if ya felt me loc
But you dont
Hope you choke on that Indo smoke
How it go
Got paid but Iím still just broke
Just another rat to take home and poke
Keep drinkin that henny
Drop a dime
Iíll drop a penny
Fucked a few brothers
Matter fact I done fucked plenty

Iím just a hopeless punk
Aint no love
Remeniscing on how close we wasnít
Back in the day
Before ya slack ass gave me away
Before ya lost count of how many bitches youíve raped on a date
We had good times
I wasnít even writin wack rhymes
I had no ambitions of dissin or to plagiarise
It took time
But finally I developed some pride
Itís not dependent on your approval
Just trying to survive
Aside from the suprises disguised in lies
Iím disgusted I ever payed you the presence of mind
Itís my fault I fell for ya
No need to hide
Itís all been done before
Same old tired designs

Now all I see is snakes and fakes
They like scavanges
Desperate to desecrate a bitch name
I  got respects for all the true women
No straps
Corruption rules everything around me

Imagine a nobody gettin the respect of a Queen
I was a fiend for the weed
Till they killed my dreams
Fuck ya dollars
Fuck a follow
Fuck a hollow point tip
Give me a full metal jacket to the dome ya trick

They set me up for the fall cos they gutless and weak
Sin sells in every state, city, suburb and street

They prayin on my downfall
Same old story
Itís fuckin boring
Hustlin lames
Pac said it better
Donít wanna dirty his name
Guess Iím just stressin cos Iím pressin buttons again