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Who's The Djinn?
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:32:48 PM »
Itís just you and me now God
Just as I said in my sweet prayers
Praying in my bed
Was that you who visited and left me scared?
Was it you or man who shone their face upon my troubled soul?
Was it Heavenly or Earthly majik?
A sight I often think of and feel blessed to behold.
Did you hear my pain and angst when I promised myself to you?
Did you accept my meagre offering?
Are you my compensation for abuse?
Do you bless all your weary children who come to you in kind?
Hoping with such might of faith that in you they will find
A sense of solace, some consolation, a reward for all their pain?
Was that really you God or am I just insane?
I remember it so vividly but Iím privy to belief that there are many powers in this world.
Men practice majik.
Was I deceived?
Was it just my mind playing tricks when I saw your face that night?
I hope to high Heaven that you chose to bring me peace despite the fright.
Some disbelieve that it is possible.
For others itís a crime.
To believe I could conceive you in the darkness of my confines.
Iím lost God.
They deny you as what God would allow so many to suffer.
Will you return in my darkest hour?
Will you refuse?
Will you dismiss just as others dismiss you?
They abuse me and deny me peace of mind.
Is this my penance for waywardness?
Is there any hope to find?
So many perish for so much less than the wrongs Iíve come to know.
Such regret and yet I canít forget how your face shone with such a glow.
Was it voudou?
Was it man pretending to be God?
I donít know what to trust in cos what is ainít what it was.
It was beautiful but scary.
I asked it ďWho is that?Ē
They replied ďGodĒ
Yet some refuse to believe that could be fact.
Some say it is a djinn but they call me one and the same.
Point me in the right direction lest I lose my way again.