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Stressin So I Pray
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:34:52 PM »
Iím stressin again God
This happens everyday
And I know these Devils laugh when Iím anxious and afraid
I badger people to the point that they stop trying to deny that Iím seriously at risk and others have designs on my demise
And I canít beat em God
Thereís so many more than me
That have fallen victim to their evil infamy
You need not break any law or commit some kind of crime
If they see in you a profit you are prized
At times I just want to thank you for the time granted me in kind
Despite the wickedness
I have been able to humbly find
A joy despite the torment
A love despite the hate
A sense of gratitude that consoles me despite the fact my lifeís at stake
Othertimes Iím overwhelmed and canít recognize or invest
Overcome by hysteria
Blinded by the stress
Theyíve made it quite evident
Such pestilence
I canít control them so I resign
It seems to be the way of man
So thank you for my time
Thank you for every mercy of which Iím sure you do inspire
Thank you for the passion that burned just like a fire
Dear God
Iíve not much more to say
Other than I pray you reward me on my last and dying day
I know the afterlife exist
Iíve been there
So, dear God
Please reward your fallen children
Be their beacon in the fog
Let us not suffer merely for the vanity and greed of man
Let us look forward to a just reward lest we forget and just be damned
Comfort me in my torment if able
If thereís any chance of reprieve
Bless others as youíve blessed me
Your call may they too heed