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Ebony The Enemy

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Nothins ever good enough so nothins what Iíll get
Youíll get exactly what you askin for
Deserved or not
Thatís a safe bet
They bet on baristas, strippers, bookworms
Honest wives
Good boys and girls
And Im stuck for a word to rhyme with girl other than sheís in another world
Planet zero
Super hero
Super dooper super scams
Whoopty whoop
Its such a hoot not givin one nairy devil damn
Im just writing poxed up bullshit
I got no talent
Thats what they say
Nobody wanna hear this shit
Its so muthafuckin lame
But they do force people to record and listen to lame rhymes
Many a mere human has been deceived
Henceforth denied
Im seriously confused as to who would convince themselves or others
That although they broadcast the shit they consider it undercover
Fuckin with brothers
Mothers and Fathers
A blessed child
Apparently thatís acceptable and trying to prevent it is a crime
So I resign from life
No more smiles
I laugh delusionally
Pretty sure Iíll be cryin later when Im forced to face reality
I wasnít even really obsessed
Its like being hypnotized
Yet the fact is that I did offend
Thats something I cant deny
And although Im feeling at odds with my actions at that point in time
You cant expect forgiveness
Thatíd be vain, conceited and contrived.