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God Talk
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:41:05 PM »
Dear God.
Iím sick to my guts with anxiety and fear.
These devils in my head are all that I can hear.
Iím paralyzed with frustration hoping for a safety thatís nowhere near.
Iím not the only one at risk.
The devils love to mock and jeer.
Taunts of torture weigh on my fragile mind.
My nervousness escalates.
I feel like Iíve got no control.
Nowhere to hide.
The terror escalates.
Please say youíll comfort me should the worst arise.
Iíve nothing left to invest in.
All Iím fed is lies.
At times the oppressor choses to unmask his disguise.
Reveals a thin veil of contempt.
I see the hate within his eyes.
Is that why they say we should pray for our enemy?
So they can be free of their own misery.
Iíve felt this way for so long God.
These fears are far from new.
Many a morning I have risen to evidence of abuse.
How many victims are there God?
Why do we suffer so?
Surely there is hope for those of us who want to grow.
Yet all the signs are pointing to the fact that no one cares.
Even those who do are too scared to speak out.
I canít prepare.
I canít invest or express myself without adding to the risk.
And so I ask of you dear God.
Why does evil even exist?