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Ebony The Enemy

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Psalms Of Ebony
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:02:06 AM »
Itís troubling, God
Iím at a loss as to how one may overcome
These shadows wash over me like storm clouds
Iím frozen with fear and simply stunned
Iíve never plotted against another
Iím not saying Iím innocent
Iíve done wrong
Yet it was impulsive
Whereas they target me
I donít think I belong
It seems viciousness is a virtue
Schemes seem to be the dreams
Of men who pursue a profit within our torment, fear and screams
Life seems pointless
Lest one hopes to prosper materially
Is that all there is
Aspirations of abusing your way through life
Making ends
Aiming to be the bigs
Is there any value in humility
Is modesty prized
Is humbleness and hope even achievable in our lives
Must we constantly degrade in order to benefit or gain
Is the only exploit worthy of praise the profit born of pain
I feel reluctant
I isolate myself
I pray on occasion in my home
Iím pretty much recluse these days
Iíve none but me to call my own
These troubles follow me
They try to tell me Iím insane
Until I badger them with sensibility until only fact remains
Itís confusing God
It seems obtuse
That in order for one to rise above you must stomp on others
Iím perturbed
Itís disturbing
And yet itís ageless
Itís must just be the way of man
Which leaves me feeling helpless
Seems life is just a sham