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Psalms Of Ebony#2
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:02:58 AM »
My dear God
You do inspire
Despite the troubles that arise
At time I rise to anger
Yet you bless me and it subsides
Please inspire others
Inspired to help all our sisters and brothers
In genuine need
I ask you
Provide them mercy and reprieve
Itís a cruel world God
Profit is pursued
Despite the vocation
From incarceration to infidelity and abuse
Inspire your seed
Whom we view as greedy seeds
To share their blessings
Share their lessons
So others too may succeed
Must we sin to win
Dear God
I seek a compassion within you
That although youíre merciful youíll reproach the crude and rude
Just as Iíve been corrected too
Dear God
If it be not much
May I humbly ask of thee
A favour for my familia being we all are your Godly seeds
Help those at home and overseas
If you call you know Iíll heed
Dear God
Be kind with wisdom so each of us can feel free