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Ebony The Enemy

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Psalms Of Ebony#3
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:03:47 AM »
Is there any hope to be had
Is there any truth to quell
The deafening sound of evil
The screams within their cells
The torture, torment, horror
Sadistic and corrupt
Is there anything left to live for
Is it best to just give up
I need some guidance
I need a break
I need some bliss
Do you hear my prayers
So selfish
Yet for others I do wish
Heavenly gifts
Is it only now that I have found myself in such circumstance
That Iíve become so fragile
So meek
Is it only happenstance
Iím wayward yet I hope so many innocents are saved
Just as I hope the same for me
Lest sufferance be the only way
How am I to fend off the advances
The jabs and jibes
How am I to defend myself when Iím as defenseless as a child
How am I to win when they gameís obviously been rigged
I just feel like falling into a heap
Iíve no strength left to give
Iím tired of disappointment
Iím tired of investing only to lose
Iím at my wits end with the deception
They expect me to try
Yet I refuse
As Iíll only be devestated when I come to find itís all for naught
Seems this is my lot in life
Itís all a ruse
A lie
A rort