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Nothin New Under The Sun
« on: November 28, 2018, 12:04:44 AM »
People are so superficial
These Devils know too
Thatís why profitís the minimal
Thatís why bein cheapís praised
And egos engage
Regardless of how depraved or who they degrade
Itís not meant to make sense honey
Itís all bout makin money
Apparently abuse is funny
If you wanna
If you wanna walk the straight path they call you a square dummyIf you wanna have morals youíre mocked
Sinís revered
Theyíll applaud the debase
Innocents mocked and jeered
We encourage degradation
Instil violence
Itís sick
Thereís no low thatíd be too low long as itís profitable
Thatís the gist
Itís unheard of to defy the tyrant
Bow down
Eat the scraps given
Set your sights on the crown
Feeding off the rep of the MOST feared in town
No time for smiles
Sport a sneer and a frown
Climb the oppressive food chain
Blow for blow
Pound for pound
Nobody dares refuse for they know
Theyíll be the next victim in this horrific, terroristic, sick show
Youíre only valuable long as you feedin the man
Nobodyís safe
Weíre all destined to be damned
They know how gullible and easily persuaded we are
Theyíll have us blaming the victim
Meanwhile the fat cats a Tzar
Weíll envy the famous despite that theyíre far
From perfect
Itís absurd
Still they shine just like stars
And weíre blinded
Feinding for gossip to smear
Those very same persons we claim to hold so near and dear
Youíll turn on your family
Youíll backstab your friends
Youíll think youíre superior chasin them ends
Doesnít matter if youíre acting lewd or crude
Long as you makin dollars
Long as you feedin the crew
Nobodyís safe
Nobodyís immune
Itís old as the hills
Couldnít be further from new