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Trace One Infinite "Halfbreed Horseman" 2019 Shit!!
« on: December 28, 2018, 09:10:53 AM »
Artist:  Trace One Infinite
Written by: Trace One Infinite
Produced by: DJ Shadow


"The Horseman
Half-breed, MC
Stubborn as can be
Ride behind the wheel
of 4 cylinder horse-power SUV
4 Horsemen, the other 3 are jinn
and the last one is me
Genetically specific intermixed with
the Horses head, staff in hand
chasing unicorns across the Saharan sand
Wieldin interspecies links locked into me
and hominin DNA splice, twice Neandrethal
moved by malice and anger fire and ice
Creature of the evil sorcerer slash witch doctor
Proctor and Gamble proper gamble upon
my knaptime taking place during the kidnapping
of my genetic construction to function by design
to function in sequence at the junction of the crossroads
where Wish Bones Uncle Charles lays dying
and ghetto cowboy hunter gatherers gathered up
some dusty samples and spun records
and created the sampling culture of crime
of spinning another record another father
replaced with a tradition and name that wasn't mine
a decision that was lying

Verse 2:

Insemination took place in mules
So as far as you're concerned that's all I am to you
nothing left to do but kick up this dust on the cusp of my stirrup
Sipp fuckin syrrup like I was a dumbfuck Southern rapper spittin
Nah I'd rather be a wack emcee rapping off beat and off rhythm
and hit um with a thousand fucking light years of feats
that reach so deep into a dark past that the Neandrethals can't fuck wit me
Hominids intermixing across a species I became a halfbreed
half man half human being, half gamma ray radiation Bruce Banner type
Bearing the Banner of an interrestrial life
it's interesting like, like unto no one
until I come from out the sands and attack the sorcerer
Return of the Jedi, and Luke I'm your father
Strike the Empire back with even more force or
strike my staff into the back of all the sucka ass Emcee's who couldn't rekognize
In disguise to all beasts, in disguise to all man
I'm least of which and most of most to host the shift into a new era
a forbearer to eugenics, and trumpet player, fan-farer,
skin fairer, so meet the black stallion
enough entanglement to banish a Capulet from the house of Juliet
and to ground him, in excriment of a hellish bent
well let the light shine in in refraction
Ibn Haythm waiting in a jail cell seeing upside down
I round househim, a horsekick, a backflip, A hip-hop stop
fatherless sons get dropped by the official stork
barcoded so behold the Pale Horse

Mr. Ed Chorus:

A horse is a horse of course and nobody can fuck with a horse of course
Unless the name of this horse of course is the same as the Centaurus"
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