Author Topic: Lol@San Diego Padres will still suck mo matter how many billions they spend  (Read 354 times)

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Iím from a small market Kansas City, and yíall outbid Hosmer from us after he won a World Series here we offered over 100 mill to keep him... and thank God because he was one of the worst first basemen in the league last year and a declining player now in his 30ís so good luck wit the 144 you have tied up in...

And now you all landed the biggest free agent of this yearís offseason for like 300 mill or something and I predict Padres will still fail

This is what I hate about baseball how itís unfair big market to small market thatís why I love seeing Padres lose while Brewers picked up Moose and Cain and they winnin

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we keep comin close, i think itís our year