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Good Lookin
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:49:34 PM »
Lookin back through the years
So many backstabbin peers
So many varied and scary experiences
So many wasted tears
So many jabs and taunts and jeers
So many unfounded fears
So many nightmares
Loss of rights
So many cold shoulders and deaf ears

Lookin back
Tryin to move forward
Stuck in time
2 steps forward
10 steps back
Record then pause

Lookin back over everything feelin at a loss
Iíve achieved absolutely nothing and yet nothing came at a great cost

Lookin back longingly
Lookin forward to havin more
Lookin at myself and seeing someone else
Iím so unsure

Lookin back in hopes of learning
Looking forward to a time
Where we can look within each other and with compassion see each shine

Lookin back through the years
All those wasted tears
All them backstabbin enemies posin as my peers

Lookin within
Feelin without
Look for some form of strength or clout
Lookin toward a future hopefully only to look at it with doubt

Lookin back
Lookin left to right
Lookin life head on
Looks like Iíve just failed at life and therein ends my song