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Gotta do for yaself
Canít depend on no one else
Canít expect a handout even if you desperately need help
Gotta use em to your advantage
To some lifeís just a game
The aim is to succeed and prosper despite the obstacles in your way

Gotta be cold, callous, calculated
Gotta be prepared for pain
Got be one step ahead
Learn when to simply walk away

Nobody goin out for you
Itís you against them all
I seen soldiers simply stepped on who were prepared to take the fall

Words are meaningless
Promises empty
Vows and oaths a waste of time
Stop trailing others coat tails and invest in your own shine

Be sensible
Be honest with yoursef if no one else
Donít let flattery persuade you
You know your worth moreín anyone else

Nobody gunna have your back when push truly come to shove
Nobody gunna complete you no matter how much they profess their love
Nobody gunna ride for you less they stupid and immature
Nobody gunna save your ass no matter how much they claim their love is pure

Gotta do for yaself
Fuck everyone else
Born and die alone
You really think these muthafuckaz gunna let you have the crown and throne



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Who wrote this shit house attempt at poetry?