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Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Record store in 1998
« on: June 11, 2019, 09:47:18 AM »
Lazy days no doubt,
Walk about loitering for hours,
Up and down the aisle
Up and down the aisle
All the while in the meantime
Time passing
Steady searching for the hit
Steady searching for the buzz
The B side disc, the single 99 cents
Cassette tapes, dub tapes CD’s  and such
To save money just looking for that
New shit I love—when it’s heard on the radio
It’s 98 yo, Chronic on the left, Illmatic on the right homie,
Got the Chronic way back but it got cracked
Or scratched up or something,
But now I got a Liscence and a ride to bump it in
But Nas I must’ve been sleeping on or somethin’
Cause millions of headz can’t be frontin
And every time I’m readin the Source, rap pages, XXL
Blaze, they be acting like he the second coming of the savior or something
Where’s that new King Tee joint with Dre
Cause the video was just on BET Rap City yesterday
And I saw the ad in the Source so maybe the clerk know somethin,
Naw she ain’t know shit she’s a white chick with black makeup
Looking like a Mansonite goth-like guess bein attractive to guys ain’t somethin
She wants to pursue, so what to do what it been looks like Def Jam promotin
Big again got Ja Rule albums 100 hunded of them up in the front section
I pass by them, passed the DMX, the Jay-Z, the “It’s Alright” single maybe
But if I look long enough I might find a gem like the Twinz or Dove Shack
Thinkin’ back it was 98 when I found Eminem’s first single “Just Don’t Give A Fuck”
With “Brain Damage” must of just been my luck, cause a couple months
Prior back Rap Pages said this cat was next 2 blow,
But if Dre signed him then I already know,
But Dre been moving slow, rumors he back in the studio
Wit Snoop but I only saw the “Zoom Zoom” video with LL
Shit this my lazy life in 98’ ain’t shit to do but browse the shelves
Lazy last days of a generation before MP3’s killed the industry
And skinny jeans would be the sell and hip hop would have
No story to tell just a shell of it’s former self
But I still rewind to past days way back, good ol days
But those days are long gone throw a rock in a well but no echo
But still I play the tracks when I want to remember that kick back and let go
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Dre -  Source 1996 cover

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