Author Topic: Iím a loser and my life sucks  (Read 325 times)

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Iím a loser and my life sucks
« on: July 21, 2019, 10:02:06 AM »
Iím a loser and my life sucks
Iíd be a drug abuser but problem
Is I canít get my hands on that stuff
Too damn lazy
No connects maybe
Fucc wud p.c.p. do to me
Probably make me think normally
Had a b thatís a bitch
Pass by casually
Think practically
And unimaginatively
State of a cheeseburger
Stay in the month of november
In the show me state of Missouri
Only emergency is me
Being allergic to hay blowing in the wind
Normally at this time
I would become nostalgic again
And say some line about Crucial Conflict
And ďHayĒ cause Iím Infinite
Stuck in 96 and then I would
Spit some shit about 2pac
Or if I wanted to be timely
Iíd write about the man who was
Fired for 1,000 PAC emails from
A government position
Or the Russian diplomat
Who said he was a fan of him
Or about Eminem or Rakim
Or back in the days shit again
Or if I wanted to be millennium
Talk about the state of transgends
Or women who are lesbian
Would that be interesting then?
Would that be worthy of a rhyme
Would that be poignant
Would that be poetic
Shock, punch, irony, arc of a joke
Itís all been mapped out
Go watch how to write a rap
On a YouTube video
Take a rap class put a song on ITunes
Anniversary of the moon landing
Who knows why Trumps planning
Should I call Trump a racist
Should I speak out against police brutality
Or better yet letís take it a step further
Itís the end of times, and the Messiah is coming
Do I now have your heart going
At a faster rate and do I now sound up to date
Rape, or Cosby molestation
Mexicans at borders in cages
Does this now suffice?
Sufficient enough to fit for a verse
Because this verse is all worthless
So if you buy into even a word of it
Then youíd buy fried ice cream
And a 9-11 commission
And if you think this is wisdom
Then youíd be better off in your own intuition
This is a worthless depressed verse
That was cursed from the beginning
And would be ending if not my need for
Attention my need for self expression
My need to release chakras and rip um open
Like Hulk Hogan rippin the shirt off his chest
He-Man, Dolph Lungren, and Superman
Bequeathed by a father on the planet Crypton
That nicca Infinite is all gone and ainít none left

"I will make records as big or bigger than Death Row".   -Dre, Source 1996

"I didn't do nothing but make people money and I didn't leave nobody high and dry.  Any album (on death row) people are going to check for.  But it's time for Dre to worry about Dre.  I'm focused on the new Snoop Doggs, not like that but you know what I mean."

Dre -  Source 1996 cover

"Ain't trying to stick around for Illuminati (One World Government Takeover) / Got to buy my own island by the year 2-G