Author Topic: Life Ain't A Bed Of Roses  (Read 290 times)


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Life Ain't A Bed Of Roses
« on: August 21, 2019, 11:59:39 PM »
Itís just an unfortunate set of circumstance that leads some of us to doubt
We have nothing left to hope for as weíre gutless and without clout
Some have seen within us a profit or a prize
And weíve no defence or security so we lose our fuckin minds
Mind you
They dangle hope infront of us
Convinced weíll take the bait
Just so that it hurts more when they switch up from acting fake
Mal intentions
Sure you could try to convince me otherwise but Iím convinced that I am right
As I write this piece I feel them seething with righteous indignation
Iíve tried to right my wrongs but that too was perceived as provocation
I donít wanna get my hopes up only to drown in devastation
Itís just a fact of life
For some, evil is an occupation
I do still have momentary peace of mind and joy
I do wish good for others with sincerity
Itís not a ploy
I honestly hope the truth prevails what ails those whoíve been spoiled
That they prosper and overcome that which confines them and destroys
Iíve no grand designs or aspirations or goals or plans or hope
Iím simply just surviving which to others is a joke
I donít need to manifest a magical, masterful sanctuary
Iím resigned
This is but life
And lifeís not always as it seems