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The Devil says he donít believe in hell
Thatís why he got no fear
I didnít believe in a lot of things that have come to appear
Iíve recollections of the afterlife having died twice so far
You could excuse them as hallucinations if youíd like to raise the bar
Thereís earthly majik
Evil intentions
You can fabricate a living hell born of hatered, ego and spite
You can ignore the obvious
Make a mockery of life
Some will call it karma
Others a nightmare laced with fright
Itís unfortunate but there are many things we choose not to believe
Such as consequence, retribution, justice, retaliation and reprieve
All I know for sure about this crooked little world
Is that you need not commit a wrong in order for horror to unfurl
Praises unto the prophets
May they be quoted in good stead
May each of us find a discipline that encourages honesty
May the Gods
The poets
The principled
Help us to believe
In a reward for all whoíve fallen in this world of hate and greed