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Should I write a pretty, little poem that makes my soul feel pure
Only to be laughed at by those mocking me for being soft and immature
Shall I gaze at my reflection and feel the eternal love of God
More likely feel distaste for this wasted, shameless dog
Is there some emotion one can relish in where all feels calm and well
Or is my only chance of calm popping pills into this vacant shell
Must I be useful
Regardless of the cause
Must I appease the Deamons lust
Am I to languish in expectation of a future devoid of trust
Shall I say farewell to welfare
Should I strike out against the man
Even if he’s only following some other devils demands
Should I listen to their advice
Knowing all too well
They’re not invested in my livelihood
I’m just another tree to fell
Should I resign
Long for an afterlife
While they Rob me of my joy
They’ve already revealed themselves
I know it’s all a ploy
Shall I just exist
Day by day
No plans
No aims
No goals
Succumb to negativity
Lay down my cards and fold

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