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Victims Reality
« on: August 27, 2019, 12:20:02 AM »
They call it a victims mentality
Meanwhile itís a fuckin reality
You tellin me Iím responsible for scum cunts fuckin selling me
You know that meal ticket
Feelin wicked
Feedin off our pain
Itís all just abuse for gain
Donít you dare call me a square
Iíve survived the storms alone
Iíve struggled aimlessly only to shamelessly discovere thereís no safe place to go
No one had my back
No one cares if I got hurt
And you tellin me itís a mentality
Getting treated worse than dirt
Iím small time
Easy pickings
Bottom of the barrel kinda meat
Itís no feat defeating me
Iím weak, lame, defenseless
I asked the Devil
If you so powerful why you fuck with nobodyís like me
He said
Many nobodyís add up
Weíre all just currency
So before you blame the victim talking bout a fuckin mentality
Ask yourself what you would do if it was YOUR reality