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« on: November 10, 2019, 07:19:25 PM »
My dear God
Thank you for another day
Iím humbled to be so fortunate
So much so I want to pray
Iím disturbed that others have been abused or laid to rest in the grave
Please bless them
Bless their souls as they return henceforth from where they came
Thank you God
Thank the Godesses
Thank all the deities
Itís always feel like a miracle when I wake and Iím still free
Youíve been my confidant
My comfort
My hope when I am lost
I know that Iím still wayward God
Please donít let that be my cost
If we only knew how many people feel trapped
Maybe weíd save each other
Rather than blame, shame or accuse
I know I am blessed each day I wake and am still free
If only we could free all victims of corrupted mentalities
Iím merely one person God
Iíve tried to fight for right
Unfortunately I failed as I lost faith in my plight
I can barely help myself
So I ask of you today
Please show mercy to those dear souls whoíve no chance of escape