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No One Cares (Boo Hoo 😭)
« on: September 10, 2019, 01:04:26 AM »
No matter what I do I'm doin wrong by somebody
Too old to get by on looks and play em off like a dumb hottie
Everybody wanna be Gambino, Al Pacino or John Gotti
I'm just trying to stay safe
Minimize risks
I got me
They'll applaud the lewd, gaudy & garish shit like it's a must
I'm trying to pay the rent and save a little bit fore I go bust
They want my welfare
Use me as a human punching bag
Gunna force me to salute the Devil and bow down to all commands
I'll go missin but no one filing a report
Coz nobody wanna get tortured for snitchin as a last resort
Some of these cunts love it
They serve in positions of authority
Deliberately seek out working with the vulnerable like me
I swear on Christ Almightist sometimes I wanna burn this bitch down
No one cares if I'm being victimized so why should I care about these clowns
I know I'm not the only one
Happen all over the damned world
These maggots into every crime imaginable
You supporting the rape of little boys and girls
Coz it's all about the money
I guess you just turn a blind eye
Til you find a form of abuse that makes you laugh and smile
You cunts are vile
I got no hope when scum fucks like you exist
I got nothing left to pray for other than Hell for all these tricks
I got nowhere to go because these cunts are everywhere
Trust me
I've tried to disappear
Kill myself
I won't be remembered
I'm not making no grand mark
I'm just an insignificant speck of the spectrum of time for a start
I'm just a flaw on the fabric of humanity
Just a cheap, defenseless bitch succumbing to insanity

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