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Straight From The Dome
« on: September 17, 2019, 08:45:01 PM »
My pussy trash
You must be a garbage collector fuckin with my stank ass
Most cunts would take one look and wouldn't hesitate to  pass
But some scum fucks call trash treasure
They stink of desperation
They've convinced the audience that rape's justified or an honorable vocation
Procrastinating bout definitions
It's called human Trafficking, fuck stick
Prostitution is actually legal here but they still want slaves n shit
They into kiddy porn, beastiality, extortion, torture, crimes galore
But yeah, cunt
I deserve to be abused coz I'm nothing but a whore
Celibate whore
Torture the poor
Nobody cares no more
Do a few favours now you're the favourite and I'm bout as useful as a dart board
Little pin cushion in the kitchen
Now they got track marks on my arm
Truth isn't interesting enough
Manipulatin reality with no qualms
Got nowhere to go
Nothin to admire
No discipline to adhere
I'm an infidel
False prophet
Full of fear
I can't stop it
They won't drop it like a dog with a fuckin bone
White Supremacists are terrorists
Welcome to the Terror Dome