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Dear God
« on: September 21, 2019, 02:10:33 AM »
Dear God
If it is in you
Please grant me one more day
Bless those belittled and abused by men who have no shame
Allow us a dignity to refuse the ignorance and devilish things they say
If it be within you God I pray that you may save
I'm wayward God
I use vulgarity
I wish hell upon my foe
I know that I'm not meant to judge
I know it's an act you would call low
I hope to overcome the trials
Rise above ego and pride
I'm trying God
I'm trying
Just trying to survive
So thank you God for all the days you've seen to bless me with
I know it's not your fault if I'm abused by the devilish
I can't control them
I can't guarantee a sense of protection to feel secure
Which leads me to plead with your majesty that you help my soul feel pure
I know my enemies are strong
I know that I am weak
I know they seek to profit from my misery & defeat
I don't blame you God
So many live in poverty & fear
And yet we seek in your Holiness a strength to persevere
They'll mock me for revering you
They'll say I deserve to be abused
They'll say my only purpose is to suffer
I can't refuse
So I humbly ask of you a peace of mind
A gift
That you'll comfort me in my hopelessness
You'll mend the jaggerd rift
So many suffer
So many need so much more than me
Please reward the fallen so they may be prosperous & free