Author Topic: Some gangstarr style rhymes  (Read 475 times)

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Some gangstarr style rhymes
« on: November 10, 2019, 04:11:32 AM »
Iím straight gangstarr/
But yíall knew that
Got all yíall sucka emcees out there
Screaming true-dat
But yo who dat,
Out there with the mic and the grill
Like En Vogue
Giving u mufuckaz somethin u can feel
Cause yo basically
You ainít ready for the test
I cut you head like a Lamb
Say a prayer so it be blessed
But yo lately
The stress be gotten me asking for apologies
And now oddly
Even posers making posts wanna bother me
But your internet think tanks canít face the squabble
I come from the days of put your dukes up and who u battle
The rattle, feed the babies milk and not meat
Thatís word to Elijah so here we speak
Of bullshit topics  and propositions I prove um nonsense
And like Leon Spinx Iíll send ya teethe to the othodonist
Cause for real, these new rap posers only reflect
Hidden feminine tendencies so no respect
And nough respect due to pioneers and the teachers
Got the whole rap community looking for leaders
And the preachers canít done did it cause it was done
Thatís why Iím on my lonesome binding back to source of one
Some come one come all to the match
You lit on both ends so you fall off after that
While Iím still burning blaze the fire of existence
Before time renders unto me the endin of my persistence
So face this all rap casualties enter da stage
Itís that underground rap champ without a name

See basically I fight with two fists
My girl pinched my hips to see if I still exist
By Iím disappearing from punches
A magician
They couldnít see me so I
Guess that why they couldnít listen
Iím a phantom
Though Iím getting killed from rap
Got murderous styles put KC on the map
But In fact Iím exiled out of state
All gassed up in fuel tanked up like Kuwait
A client state
And let failure be my maker
Got even the grim reaper sayin
Yo I canít take ya
Got Bloody Mary only givin kisses and hugs
My distance is more than inches
From sources of love
But still in this exiled state my fates twisted
Came to the battle fightin double fisted
But ainít no fight like life so fight back
Got two black eyes from rap Iím falling flat
So till the day I stay vanguished since times ancient
Utterly adjusted
Man fuck it ainít no faking I aim hit
But still aimless my rap styles painless
But in fames opinion Iím still nameless

You need a fly style
I can get cha one
You need a cracked skull
I can split cha one
You need a hit rhyme
I can flip ya one
Ya need and orbit
I can twist wit the sun
You need a fly gift
And wrap you one
You need and Iíll rap
I can kick you one
You need a swift tongue
Iím gymnastic linguist
Need a rap battle
Your the invited one
Want best yet then
Iím the next to come
Wanna see the Infinite
Iím the oblivion
Canít see the opposite
Iím where the logicís from
So check it check it out
Iím second to none
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Re: Some gangstarr style rhymes
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wit the subliminals