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Just One Day
« on: November 10, 2019, 07:14:48 PM »
Just One Day
One day of justice
Mercy and reprieve
I wish for many more but many men deceive
I pray the same for others
Trapped by ones spite and malcontent
For now itís just one day and it feels so heaven sent
Just one day
And Iíve been granted
A choice
Some peace of mind
Despite the incessant torment
Despite their devilish pride
Apparently Iíve been guaranteed an eternity of hurt and hate
And yet I have been granted just one day to appreciate
Just one of many wonderous days
I feel the end is near
Iíve been selfish and contrite
Have not shed a stream of tears
Downtrodden when reminded of those hurting
I ask peace
For all that has led them to feel defeat
Just one day
I am savouring each and every hour as they pass
Whether mindlessly
Reminding me that each could be my last
Just one day
I find myself overwhelmed
How can I be so conceited and contrived
How can I be blessed with such a mercy that others cannot find
Just one day
One itty bitty day
Yet it all feels so immense
Despite that Iíve no protection or means of  self defence
Just one day
One beautiful, majestic, majik day
And so I thank thee humbly for I know I canít be saved


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Just One Day
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are they like the "other" people that use those "other" samplers and just like to hate on know what im talking about lol