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Karma Suits Ya
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I can hear em callin it karma as if theyíve never done no wrong
Then they start comparing bad decisions as if thereís some kinda measure that depends upon
Which misdeeds were worse
Whoís the bigger fool
Coz only a fuckin idiot would willingly be so cruel
I hear em justify abuse whilst I just put up my hand
I have wronged
I am remorseful
I donít expect anyone to understand
Iím not trying to sugar coat it
I donít demand forgiveness from any man
If you choose to hate me thatís my fate because of late I just feel damned
I donít wanna surround myself with reminders of my faults
I wanna grow
Move on
Seems others just canít let go
And I canít judge them all
I judge people to determine safety or a risk
Unfortunately Iíve already proven to be a risk when I was childish
Even in adulthood Iíve wronged others
With much regret
I canít turn back time to act wiser
My enemy refuses to forget
I guess Iím dwelling on misfortune
Theyíre obsessed with how Iíve wronged
They want revenge
I just want life to end
Iíve no safe place to belong
Some have made it obvious that they intend to interfere
Gaining access to my premises
Tap my phone and internet to make me fear
I actually find it agitating
I mean
It does disturb
And yes
I get quite anxious
Which delights these Devils who expect me to accept their every word
I canít prevent the risk
Tried barricading doors
Pathetic attempts at protection
So I give up
Iíve got no more
I canít stop anyone or anything from being used against
They call it karma as if theyíve never made mistakes.