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Prayer #3
« on: November 10, 2019, 07:41:34 PM »
What am I to do God
Where is it I can go
Where will I be welcomed
I fear my enemy so much so
That I romanticize disappearing
I donít want to wake from when I sleep
I just wanna find a way out
I just wanna rest in peace
Iím so disturbed God
They all lie to me
My logic dictates I leave
Where can I escape to?
Is there anywhere to flee
I know Iím not the only one
So many are victimized and abused
We search within ourselves for a reason to excuse
The inexcusable
Can we refuse at all
Can we find a sense of calm
Need we suffer endlessly
What is the point in being harmed
Because itís profitable
It feeds their evil egos and precious pride
Is our existence dependant on the insatiable lust of those who choose to deprive
Is there any point in hoping
Will our joys evolve into looking forward to the end
They propel their infamous pursuit of pain
We are no more than flesh
Women, children and men
Must we accept defeat knowing weíve no hope to refuse
Who am I to turn to God if anyone but you