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I've never been ambitious
Never had high hopes
Probably half the reason I feel backed up against the ropes
I've been willful
Rude and crude
And some folks refuse to let shit go
I've got grudges too
Some may call it karma
My circumstance
This life
Where I feel so afraid and lack the confidence or will or strength to fight
I simply feel resigned
I cannot beat them all
Let's be realistic
Me against an army?
I'm so small
The torment in my mind invades my every waking moment
I know some seek delight in that
Resentment can be quite potent
I just try to mind my business knowing everythings a risk
I could complain
But no one gives a shit
Despite the torment
Condescension and abuse
I know I'm not the only one so I hope others find a better truth
I've sunk to the depths of depression
Rode the waves ashore
But every time I think it's over
Here they come for more
It's hardly fascinating
How could one be fascinated by a nobody like me
I've no talent
Only poetry
And I'm an amateur
I'm not trying to benefit from my use of the written word
It just helps me cope when everything else seems confusing and absurd
Less said best mended
I don't think I'm welcome here
I'll just tuck my tail
Trod along and disappear