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Iím immobilized by intuition and insecure due to the lies
I guess this is just life for some whilst others monopolize
Iíve no desire to adopt their ways
Iíve no intention to please them or revere
Yet many a man has been manipulated into doing as told simply by fear
Iím an individual
A mere mortal
One person all alone
Theyíd be nothing without their back up
They assume Iíll envy their tarnished throne
They instigate and on occasion I rise having been provoked
To put it simply Iím succinctly without a whim
A prayer
A hope
And how they delight in misery
Satisfaction is fleeting if not unknown
Their evil multiplies before our eyes and weíve nowhere to hide or go
How that invigorates their insolence
Yet apparently itís the victims who have failed
Apparently the honorable expertly exact a pain that others hail
Iíve no escape and so I bide what time is left
With much disgrace
Iíve no ambitious wether innocent or vicious
I feel distaste
Itís simply good and evil
I am weary
Iím choosing to recline while itís an option
I fear Iíve not much time left
I donít belong
And itís simple
Many people feel superior looking down
They need a buffer
Someone to suffer
To feel worthy of a crown
Disturbing as they may be
Are simply sources of a superficial sense of superiority