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Prayer #4
« on: November 10, 2019, 08:09:12 PM »
Thank you for today God
Your generosity abounds
I feel guilty
Am I ungrateful?
Love and joy was felt and found
Iím fortunate
Provided for
Through both yours and menís good deeds
Iím reflecting
Not objecting
Just wonder where this straight path leads
So many have so much less
Yet I canít provide them or assure
My naivety is seen as week
Just as my charity seems flawed
Iíve become accustomed to reclusivity
Having been burned more than once
Yet Iíve been granted so many chances
Just canít trust as others put up fronts
So God
Although Iím grateful for all you bless me with
I still need some assurance
I still need to persist
I still need a sense of security
Which leads me once again
To ponder potential realities felt and lived by many men
I know we have free will
I know man is greedy
I feel their hate
I know they feel entitled abusing others
I know they prey and instigate
I know I am at risk and although it be not your design
Many men feel justified committing heinous crimes
Now Iím feeling unjust
Although I intended to just thank you for today
So I guess Iíll try
Iíll try to remain positive
Iíll to try to keep my faith
Be kind
With sensibility
Whilst keeping in mind
That Iím best to keep my guard up
As I know others are inclined
To take advantage
Mislead and profit from another manís demise