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Indebted To The Devil
« on: November 10, 2019, 11:26:31 PM »
I know youíre laughing at my misery
Basking in my fear
Is she or isnít she gunna shed another tear
Will they or wonít they make my nightmares come to life
Should I or shouldnít I succumb to all the strife
I hear em whisperin suicide
Attempted to take my life 6 times
Been murdered more than once but I was revived

I know you feed off negativity
Wether trifling or severe
I know you lust over my captivity
I know no oneís sincere
Will they torture me
Canít caution me
Iím stuck
Right where the devilís want me
I seethe with such disgust

I know they fiend for my being abused
I know painís profitable and prized
I know theyíre intent on offending
No masterful suprise
Will they catch me while Iím sleeping
Will they attack me when Iím wake
Will this conspiracy be explicitly evil with no escape

Iíve tried to run
Iíve tried to hide
Iíve tried to start anew
Seems thereís simply no hope for me
No earthly being could excuse

I donít waste time wonderin why
Ego, greed and hate drive their insatiable desires
Iím just makin the most of what time is left
Knowing no amount of misery will pay my debt



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