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Misery Loves Company
« on: November 11, 2019, 06:59:42 AM »
I donít feel safe
I wallow in distaste
These Devils lookin for a chase but Iím staying in my place less I embrace a detrimental and disturbing point of view
Iím not asking permission
Infact Iím choosing to refuse
I see through the ruse
You canít excuse abuse despite that many do
Youíd defend yourself at any cost if it were you
Led astray and by the wayside
I envision a better truth
Where thereís no need for blasphemy or deliberation
Where youíd peruse
How to solve the world of ills
How to help the fallen man
How to embrace rather than disgrace
How to heal and understand
How to demand a justice much deserved
How to quell the shouts of terror, fear and pain
How to alleviate each man of hate
How to heal
Teach and explain
Where with compassion we find solace
Where with promise there is hope
Where with integrity and charity we learn how to love and cope
But youíre fixated on refusals
Obsessed with vanity and greed
Seek to degrade another out of spite and Rob them of feeling free
You claim to be evolved
You claim superiority
Degrading and abusing as if thatís the mark of majesty
Time will tell
I fear Iím nearing closer to my end
Which will be a new beginning
The torment will drive me round the bend
Iíll be trapped
Without a means of defence or peace of mind
Some will say it is deserved
Others will eye me as a prize
Theyíll devour all my resources
Theyíll mock me
Jeer and leer
Thereíll be no protest of my agony
Wether from afar or near and dear
This is but the way of a cruel and callous world
And apparently Iím meant to be feel jealousy despite the pain that will unfurl