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I know what Iím missin out on
The good and the bad
Iíve had more bad than good
Iím not chasin no man
Saved myself for 9 years
No one gave a fuck
I still got treated like a miserable slut
Iíll never live down the affections of old
I know Iím just cheap
I donít need to be told
Iíd rather be cold less I warm to the lies
Fall for their games
Wool over my eyes
I seen through the disguise
But I musta been blind
Coz I still fell for more than 17 guys
Maybe Iím easy
Maybe Iím dumb
Maybe Iím simply a nobody bumb
Whatís there to hope for in a man
Iím not seekin safety in flippant affection
Iím not settin nobody else up for the fall
I know Iím at risk
Donít wanna hustle or stall
Shop shut
Except for the rape
I canít stop it
Nobody cares so Iím best to just drop it
Nobody sees me as worth their respect
So fuck it
Iíll keep to myself to protect
Canít beat the devils
But that donít make me feel shame
I see life as a journey where they see a game
And I know theyíve in-store for me horror and pain
Iím no more than a plain Jane
Plus Iím insane
As if Iíd keep spreading my legs in vain
Been almost 3 years since my last trifling fling
Knew it was a set up but I still fell for him
But now Iím back in my celibate ways
Canít think of no man on earth that could sway me with games
Iím not looking for kudos
Iím content by myself
Iím satisfied
Despite the cards thatís been dealt
From the first to the last
Itís all in the past
Iím best to spend what times left watchin my ass