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Farewell To Welfare
« on: November 11, 2019, 09:42:27 AM »
Who knew that honesty was such an offense
Am I sposed to fake my way through life
Proceed with pretence
Am I sposed to pick sides or sit on the fence
Am I niave or stupid or the type you resent
They donít condone sucka shit but they set people up
The victims to blame for the fact others are corrupt
Apparently itís talented to take advantage of us
Despite my lack of protection, connections or guts
Is life all about picking on weaker individuals
Does anyone actually test themselves or have they no concrete principles
Just lookin for an easy mark to maim and blame for the fact that the top dog got no fuckin game
Iíve said it before
I asked the Devil straight out
Why you fuck with nobodyís if you got so much clout
And the Devil replied
With a gleam in his eye
Many nobodys add up to a much larger prize
How could I deny the fact that Iím weak
How could I be anymore than easy pickings
Easy Street
Nobody respect the meek
Weíre just lame
When deprivation is an avenue of leverage and gain
Iíve counted my chickens before they did hatch
Kinda like my blessings
Itís all just a trap
And Iím an itty, bitty, little pitiful mouse
Meanwhile youíre the top dog in the cats fuckin house
Nowhere to run to
Nowhere to hide
These parasites are so common
Iím just the host keepin em alive
And I know Iím not quick
I know Iím a mark
I know I was beat from the muthafuckin start
Maybe theyíll have me Barkin Hitlerís name
Or saluting the cunt as if thatís gunna make me brave
Maybe theyíll horse draw and quarter me
Set me up to get flogged
Sever my limbs
Feed my guts to the dogs
Go ask Alice
I got nothing else left to say
I said it all before
Iíll never be saved
Iím no more than a babe
A swine to the depraved
Iíve asked so many questions
Lies was all they gave
No one will remember me unless with ill will
My future isnít gunna be as simple as a straight fuckin kill
And Iíve no hope of succeeding
The deck has been stacked
So I guess Iíll exist till my end is exact