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There's No Excuse For Abuse
« on: November 17, 2019, 01:10:07 AM »
We sposed to be planning for our futures but my mindís stuck in the past
Not sure when theyíre gunna get me
Guess Iíll just have to wait
Canít ask
All they do is lie to me
Iíve no one to depend on bar my self and Iím a fool
I retaliated
Now Iím hated
No one cares if Iím insane
Infact thatís just another avenue of which theyíll inflict their shameless pain
Iíve made it this far
Yet with favour
As Iím convinced Iím not alone
Considering the consequences itís obvious mercy has been shown
I canít take back my mistakes
Theyíre entitled to their hate
I consider my own emotions valid despite their attempt to eliminate
Iíve wronged folks outta pride, ego, disdain and sin
Iím struck on where Iíll end up
Not sure where this all begins
It seems Iím best to just ignore as they lust over the rise
Where they instigate and antagonate
Iíve taken the bait many times
Itís all been done before
Devils want me to describe
All the sickening and disgusting threats that run through my poor my mind
I canít stop em
No one to trust
Got nowhere to turn or hide
And I know that many men have designs on my demise
I guess this is my story
Although Iím not the author
Just the muse
Itís a tired tale
I know Iíll fail
Yet many will excuse