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Wackness, Weakness, Cheapness, Defeatist
« on: November 17, 2019, 01:51:11 AM »
I donít justify it
I just defy it
Thereís no justice
Itís just us
You super celebrated
Iím hella hated
Guess my ass just gon go bust
Done my dash
Scratched for cash
Get payed for free
And this Rebel bitch stank pussy itch
She want my life, Suffering and cheese
Surrounded by sinister sick dicks
Irie Member
Canít be fazed
Least until they trap my ass
Like a church mouse in a maze
My life is cheap
This shit ainít deep
Just shallow, petty and foul
I know Iím not the only one
These maggots is so damn proud
They laugh at my little ditties
They think my views are weak
As if they could defeat an entire army
Be realistic, skeez
All I got is me
Want for no more than safety but thatís done
Thereís more sinners feeling like winners for me to be that dumb
I know I canít be saved
I pray to
They prey upon
They blame God for their actions because he doesnít stop em from doing wrong
So I satiate my hate by recognising sweet blessings
Tried to advocate for others but I failed ever so miserably
I wonít be the first
Sure as Shit wonít be the last
Coz theyíll do abso-fuckin-lutely anything for cash
You can bet my poxy arse
Itís cool
Even though itís not
Theyíll flock to watch my pain
And these derelict cunts wonder why Iím straight fuckin insane
Apparently the measure of intelligence is how low youíll stoop
Seems repeating history is a thing of joy
Apparently the epitome of evolution is deemed by disgustingness
Apparently Iím responsible for being mistrusting
Going bust
Itís not meant to make sense
Itís all bout makin money
Iím just another easy mark
No challenge here
Iím just a dummy