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Immoral Immodesty
« on: November 17, 2019, 06:58:08 AM »
Can a woman ever live down being a slut
Fuckin numerous men
Sharin pictures like smut
Bein easy
Loud mouthed and low
Am I forever to be destined a cheap ass, weak ho
Apparently virility is to be treasured and prized
I donít wanna compare myself to a man or tell lies
Iím shame for bein so slutty
Can I ever live down the rep and just chill
Havenít had a man for almost 3 years
Was celibate for 9 and a half but thatís smeared
My lust took control
Shoulda known without being told
I mean how many times ya gotta spread ya legs till the shit just gets old
Iím judging myself
But others do too
Not particularly concerned about others views
Just wondering will I ever feel modesty
Been fuckin around since I was 13
So quick to grow up
Get old
Try be young
Try to chide myself for all the dumb shit I done
Will God judge me just as harshly as man
Am I destined to wallow in sorrow
Be damned
Iím not sure
Maybe I just gotta live with the facts
I been a cheap little slut and nothin'll change that
I have no desire to keep putting out
Nobody interests me
Of that Iíve no doubt
Guess Iíll just pray
Wether vainly or blind
Just hoping for solace
Some peace of mind
Knowing not all are accustomed to being so kind
Just keep my legs closed and mind what is mine

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