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Nobody's Business
« on: November 23, 2019, 04:52:33 AM »
I donít want your approval
Iím not chasing your praise
Iím not desperate for compliments
Iím donít care what folks say
Iím not superficial
Iím not insecure
Iím not waiting patiently for a love thatís not pure
Iím not trying to win
Iím not acting on whims
Iím not perfect but I certainly donít want to sin
Iíve no destination in mind
Iím not trying to climb the oppressive food chain because I despise the competitive nature of the unsatisfied
Iím not keeping no lists of who did me wrong
Iím not vainly and shamelessly trying to belong
Iím not a complete dummy
Iím outta my league
Iím not investing in nothing other than trying to stay free
Iím not wallowing in self pity or guilt
Iím not taking credit for empires others have built
Iím not doing shit less I want to or'm forced
Iím not so gullible so as to believe that they wonít forge the reports
Iím not looking for a safety that doesnít exist
Iím not fixating on foes who think Iím no more than a snitch
Iím not concerned with the opinions of men with no shame
Iím not trying to seduce or save face or explain
Iím not alot of things according to me but others try to convince me Iím simply crazy
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